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How much will it cost me?

If your claim is accepted and a replacement motorbike or scooter is taken, it is done so on a "credit hire" basis. This means there is no cost to you and Your Right To Ride recovers the hire bike costs from the at fault insurer.

When can I get the motorbike or scooter? 

Once all the paperwork is filled out and the claim has been verified you will be eligible to get a motorbike or scooter. This verification process takes between 24-48 hours. All information is required to verify claim. Generally we drop the motorbike or scooter in at your repairer so you can ride away in one of ours when you drop yours in for repair.....To easy!!! 

What should I do if my bike is not safe to ride after an accident or has been towed away?

If this is the case then contact us immediately and we will work to fast track the claims verification process. Once approved we can deliver the motorbike or scooter to your residence or place of work. Contact us before trying to ride an unsafe motorbike or scooter

What type of motorbike or scooter will I get?

We offer a "like for like" service. This means we will try to best match the replacement motorbike or scooter to yours.

How long am I able to keep the replacement bike? 

You are able to keep the replacement motorbike or scooter until the repairs on your damaged bike are completed. In most cases when your vehicle is a total loss you are able to keep the replacement bike until you are paid out. 


Do I need to be insured to be eligible for a free replacement motorcycle or scooter?

No. You do not need any type of insurance. All that is required is that the at fault party lodges a claim with their insurance and you get their claim number

What if the insurer says no to the replacement bike?

Insurance companies will try to deny they are required to provide the not at fault parties with replacement vehicles. This is a ploy they use to try and reduce the costs of a claim. Australian law states they are liable for your loss and a replacement vehicle if required. If your claim has been verified then there will be no costs to you when using our services. We simply invoice the insurer for the replacement bike costs and there is no charge to you

Are there any km restrictions when using your service?

No there are not any km restrictions and you are allowed to keep the bike until the completion of repairs to your own

What if I have an accident on your motorbike or scooter?

If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident with one of our vehicles please call us immediately. If you are not at fault please get all the at fault party details including license and registration details

My motorbike or scooter is a total loss and nobody will help me?

If you have been involved in an accident but are unable to find a repairer to help you, then we can help. Please fill in the claims form for your replacement bike and contact us and we can help you source a repairer to deal with the damaged bike