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Can I get a replacement motorbike after an accident?

Posted By Your Right To Ride  
13:00 PM

Accidents are uncertain and sometimes they are so dangerous that it can leave one's life in severe trauma along with the loss of a vehicle and more. In case it happened to you and it was not your fault, your vehicle is damaged and requires repairs, you can get compensation and also claim for a replacement motorbike at no cost value. This condition applies to anyone who was involved in a non-fault accident on road and faced a sudden crash while riding a motorbike.

Reckless or speedy motorbike driving is the most dangerous of all. Recent survey shows that the motorbike accidents on roads are rising and they usually occur between a car and a bike.


More often when a collision between a car and a motorbike happens, it is usually the motorbike rider who suffers more and they likely come off worse. In the case of a motorbike accident on a road that wasn't your fault, but your bike was damaged, you become helpless for daily transport and how to move around. You are left without a vehicle till repairs are done. The claim and compensation advisory team at YRTR not only support you with accident replacement bikes but also guides you well with damaged motorbike repairs services. So don't panic or worry as repairs can take some time, especially if the motorbike was badly damaged or uses custom parts. In the meantime, you can get around with the accident replacement bike offered.


Claiming for a rental bike after a non-fault accident

Even if the vehicle involved in the accident was a motorbike, you should still be eligible to claim for replacement bike hire from the other party's insurance. Like a Bike with all the required accessories. It might be a little while before you get back into the leathers and hit the road, but in the meantime, you can still get about when you need to.

As long as you can prove that the other driver was at fault when your motorbike was hit, you can claim against their insurance policy to cover the cost of your courtesy bike. At Your Right To Ride, we can deliver and collect your bike straight from the bike repairing garage, making the whole process as convenient as possible for you.


Who pays for replacement vehicles, personal injuries and other loss?

In case of a non-fault accident, the insurer of the person who has caused the damaged stands responsible to pay simple.

As an innocent victim of a road traffic collision you can ask for a replacement vehicle as it's your right, also can claim to have your vehicle restored to its pre-accident condition. Besides, you can recover the costs of any damaged material or items, lost earnings due to injury and loss of office work and can be financially compensated for any personal injuries that you have faced.

YRTR has helped many road users, enabling them to get the right guide and assistance they require and helping them with Claim and Compensation Services they deserve. 


What is a comparable replacement vehicle?

After an accident it's important to help yourself to get back to your daily activities and with minimum disruption. YRTR understands your needs and we ensure that you are provided with a vehicle that best suits your needs. It means that a hire-vehicle is provided to you, likely that is as close a match as possible to the model, make and type of vehicle you are currently using.

So for a motorbike rider we provide a replacement motorbike that meets or exceeds the specification of their own. 


Complete a claim form at www.YourRightToRide.com.au and we will be in  touch!