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Apply for replacement bike:

Fill in as much information as possible including the at fault parties insurance details




Approving the claim:

We will asses the application to make sure we have all the relevant information to be able to provide you with the free replacement bike


Organizing delivery:

Once the claim has been approved, we will contact you to organize the delivery of your replacement motorbike or scooter. We can delivery to your repairer, home or workplace


Fill in rental agreement:

Fill in in the rental agreement we send to you which will be forwarded to the at fault insurer so there are no costs to you


Pick up:

You are entitled to the replacement motorbike or scooter for the duration of repairs or until you have been paid out in a total loss claim. You can deliver the bike to the repairer once your own bike is finished or we will organize to pick it up from you


Apply For A Replacement